Hydrating Hair Mask

Hydrating Hair Mask

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Cleanest Hair Mask in Beauty

Science-Based Natural Bond Repairing Formula that is intentionally separated into two parts to remove the need for preservatives. A clean beauty triumph using non-toxic and 100% naturally derived organic ingredients. An innovative symphony between a serum and powder duo that repairs bonds, deeply hydrates, strengthens, and enhances hair vibrancy.


  • Increases hydration into the hair shaft and scalp
  • Strengthens hair
  • Softens and smoothes
  • Improves hair health
  • Removes buildup
  • Reduces split ends
  • Enhances nutrition on the hair and scalp
  • Perfect base for DIY recipes
  • For all hair types
  • Clean + Conscious Awards 2021
  • Marie Claire for Best Powder-Based Hair Mask for Damaged Hair


Real Experiences

Watch real people that have used our products and witness how well they perform.

Clinical Trial Findings


said their hair is softer and smoother


said their hair has less breakage and is stronger


said hair is much more manageable after 2 weeks of use

Darker spots on the hair show where the mask coated and filled in pores, making hair smoother and more vibrant in color. A smoother hair shaft brings keratin strands closer together, enhancing ionic and hydrogen bonding, which increases hair strength.

With the reduced porosity in the hair, there is retention of nutrients, moisture, and hydration which support enhanced disulfide bond development in the follicles and increased repair. High antioxidants reduce free radical damage thus increasing the retention of disulfide bonds.

Based on clinical trial study of participants using product 3x per week for two weeks. Results based on a user study commenced December 2023 to verify claims made on various products manufactured by Nuelehair LLC in response to market need. Participants with straight, wavy, curly, and tight textured hair types participated in the study. The study consisted of both a participant study that included user feedback and a lab study where participants submitted their hair strands for lab analysis.

Hair Care Myths

We are conditioned to apply more at a time because traditional hair products are diluted with filler ingredients, making them less effective. Properly formulated products require less to use at a time, and less frequently.

Low and some medium porous hair types should use lower amounts of oil in their hair and remember that their hair resists absorbing moisture but letting an oil sit on the hair for a few minutes to let it absorb. Many oils will sit on the hair strand, weighing it down and making hair greasy. Properly formulated oils made with 100% naturally derived ingredients penetrate the hair strand, keeping hair light without a greasy feeling.

A misleading practice in the beauty industry to highlight a few 'marketable' ingredients or to highlight the few natural ingredients used and to hide the additional genetically modified and chemicals used in the product. Look for a full ingredient list to reveal all of the ingredients that your body is absorbing.

Bigger products are like a magician illusion trick. 90% of traditional hair products are filler ingredients that just take up space and reduce performance. Properly formulated products come in smaller packaging and are more effective so you need less to achieve big results. Less packaging is also more eco friendly.

Many 'natural' and 'clean' products still use genetically modified ingredients and/or chemicals that they re term as 'technology', 'vegan', or 'plant-based'. Any ingredient that is non-natural is deemed foreign and is not easily absorbed by the body. For example, hair moisturizers that need to be constantly reapplied. Naturally derived ingredients are recognized as safe and are readily absorbed by the body to make use of their natural benefits.

Additionally, products made with non-natural ingredients mimic performance by chemically altering hair strands for a desired result but result in changes to hair texture and hair damage. Products that are made with only naturally derived ingredients can provide long lasting desired results.

Continued use of products with non-natural ingredients can damage hair and change your hairs' texture. Continued use of products with naturally derived ingredients will restore hair texture, repair damage and improve the hairs' ability to retain moisture, among other benefits.


Humectant and conditioner

Moisturizer and sheen

Moisturizer and conditioner

Natural Preservative

Astringent and freshness

Protein and antioxidants

Humectant and antioxidants

Scalp Health



Cleanser and Astringent

Soothing and freshness

How To Use

  1. Mix 2 TBSP of powder, 1 tsp of serum, ¼ cup of water
  2. Dampen hair and apply to hair and scalp, massage gently into hair strands. Cover with shower cap.
  3. Wait 30 minutes and then rinse with water while using brush or comb.
  • Serum and Powder are intended to be used together
  • Do not shampoo or condition your hair after the mask has been fully washed off.

When To Use

Use once a week.

For All Hair Types

DIY Recipes

Discover recipes

Volume Lookin For Volume?

Adding avocado enhances your hair’s natural wave, giving you the lift you’re looking for - plus the avocado’s nutrients are great for hair health and detangling!

protect In The Mood To Shine?

Adding organic mayonnaise to the hair mask helps to protect hair against heat damage, moisture loss and reduces split ends - all while making your locks shine! *For a vegan method use vegan mayo

strength Breakage Gettin’ You

Adding milk to the hair mask strengthens the hair’s elasticity, enhances your natural curl, and reduces flyaways. *For a vegan method use oat milk or flax milk


Healthy Body. Healthy World.

Less Ingredients

Minimizing ingredients means products that are made with a high level of deliberation. Each ingredient is intentional as the product is not filled with any fillers. It also reduces energy consumption.

Fair Trade

We work directly with farmers around the world to source ingredients. This helps to increase economic viability within their communities through trade and jobs.

Recyclable Glass Packaging

Glass is endlessly recyclable and reusable making it a more sustainable material than PE and PET plastics which can only be recycled a handful of times.

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Restoring Hair Integrity

A natural moisturization regiment is the key to incremental and sustained improvement to long term hair quality.

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