Hair Filaments are the building blocks of hair strands

NUELE supports the integrity of the natural bonds found between our hair filaments, which leads to strong hair strands. This causes our hair shaft to maintain its strongest normal structure causing hair to be robust, healthy, and manageable.

NUELE’s process of supporting healthy hair involves the careful crafting of ingredients that support hydration and moisturization of hair filaments. Well moisturized hair filaments enable the hair strand to be more shiny and protected.

Preserving The 3 Bond System

What are Hydrogen, Ionic, and Disulfide bonds?

Maintaining Hydrogen Bonds

Hydrogen bonds are usually weak bonds that are easily broken. A hydrated medulla (core of the hair) helps to maintain hydrogen bonds which increases hair strength and elasticity. Retaining weak bonds reduces frizz, breakage, and brittleness.

Ionic Bonds

Ionic bonds are weak and are sensitive to harsh chemicals. Moisturization enables hair to remain elastic and strong, reducing tangles and breakage.

Retain Nutrients

Disulfide bonds are the most important bond for hair strength because they are the strongest and hold hair filaments together. NUELE products enable hair to retain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants which work together to enable nourishment of the hair medulla, shaft, and cuticle thus supporting the formation of strong disulfide bonds.

Restoring Hair Integrity

Designing products that preserve the strength of hydrogen, ionic and disulfide bonds cause the hair to naturally retain its integrity. This happens because our products don't strip the hair of its coating and don't destroy the disulfide bonds. Furthermore they keep the oil glands replenished so the hair maintains moisture, and can enable the natural oil glands and hair follicle to effectively nourish the hair.

Strengthening Bonds Over Time

For hair that has been damaged by chemicals and heat, using NUELE products will enhance the strengthening of these bonds and lead to overall hair improvement. This is a slower process that varies from individual to individual. It is important to protect and manage hair with NUELE products consistently to minimize the extensive effects of hair damage.