NUELE [nū-el]

An expression in Swahili that means "your hair is vibrant, gorgeous, & powerful”.

Anne Cheatham, MSN CRNA  (Left)

Christine Martey-Ochola, PhD (Right)

Anne and Christine have backgrounds in biochemistry, biological research, medicine, and food science and have been formulating cosmetic products while using their knowledge of food science and natural ingredients for over 30 years. Together bringing a deep knowledge of science, research and health.

 The opportunity to create excellent organic and natural products, support women entrepreneurs who are farming the wholesome ingredients we use, and participate in the hair industry in an ethical, healthy, and sustainable manner was more than they could resist.

They created NUELE with the desire to have healthy, glowing, well nourished, manageable hair without using chemicals. Basically, They wanted it all. Healthy hair care and the ability to show the many sides of hair that they are blessed with.

The NUELE Standard

See how NUELE is setting the standard for clean hair care.