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5 natural ingredients that are powerful individually and all-together

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Nuele hair serum

Superfood for your hair

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Nuele hair serum acts as a heat protectant and makes your hair moisturized, healthy, light and shiny. Perfect for straightening, blowouts, curls, and styling.


Nuele is responsibly sourced with fair trade principles to help drive the economy in rural markets in Africa, promoting fair payment for producers and minimizing environmental impacts.

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One of the most amazing qualities of Nuele is that you don’t have to sacrifice on style. In fact, our customers say that they wouldn’t be able to create their hairstyle unless they go to a salon or use Nuele.

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apply, style & move on

Powerfully quick so you can get to whatever your day calls for


Whoever said natural is boring hasn’t tried Nuele


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Nuele’s mission is to empower women of color by providing all-natural hair products that truly work for our hair, physical health and enjoyment of everyday life.

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Studies have shown that hair products for women of color have 70% more toxins in them, resulting in hormone and other body issues. Let’s face it, hair health is physical health. And we strongly believe that feeling and looking great everyday is self empowering.


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“I love love love this product. It has truly transformed my hair. I used to put those harsh relaxers in my hair, then I moved on to using the keratin treatments, and then I found Nuele. I am totally in love with this product. My hair is soft, shiny and feels amazing. With the keratin treatment, I used to go to the salon because I still needed help flat ironing it straight. With Nuele I do it all by myself. I wash my hair once or twice a week, then I blow it out and finish it off with the flat iron. I’m blown away by the fact that I can do all this by myself. At night before bed I spread one pump of Nuele in my hair to keep it moisturized and I wake up to soft shiny hair. I LOVE IT!!!!!”

- Mpundu B., CT