Defining Clean Hair Care Naturally derived ingredients. Perfect for all hair types.

Ultra Clean.

Pure, organic and flawless ingredients.

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No unnecessary dilution. Zero synthetic ingredients. Sourced from female farmers in Ghana and Morocco.

Cleanest Hair Mask In Beauty

A clean beauty triumph using only 100% naturally derived organic ingredients for the most luxurious experience. An innovative symphony between a serum and powder duo that is scientifically crafted to deeply hydrate, condition, and seal in moisture. Perfect for all hair types.

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Effortlessly Manageable Hair

A multi-award winning, ultra clean deep moisturizer and heat protectant that’s perfect for all hair types. Try the only all-in-one, super lightweight, residue-free blend of 5 concentrated oils that detangles, restores, enriches, and protects hair throughout your day.

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Hair Guide

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NUELE [nu-el]

A Swahili expression that means “your hair is vibrant, gorgeous, & powerful”.

Ultra Clean

Greater attention to health and product effectiveness at the formulation level. It’s about the guarantee of quality, performance, sustainability, health, and safety that can always be expected at NUELE.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our products can only be as excellent as the ingredients they are made from. We have high expectations and only source ingredients from responsible suppliers that align with our standards.

Intent & Purpose

We develop hair care products that, by being reformulated using only naturally derived organic ingredients, can perform incrementally better than ultra expensive beauty products, and work for all hair types.

The Standard for Clean Hair Care

By offering products at the highest standard - no synthetics, toxins, chemicals, or unnecessary dilution. Using only the full strength of each ingredient to deliver an effective product without sacrificing on health or styling.

Plant a Tree in Your Name

We are teaming up with our moringa supplier, True Moringa, with a goal of planting 100,000 moringa trees in an effort to prevent deforestation and malnutrition in Ghana.

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Unapologetically You

Everyone’s included


My hair really does love it and I can rarely use oils on my hair. This company is awesome! They’re like the total package for everything that I’m always looking for. Plus, no synthetic anything!

Katey Denno
black hair girl

Everyday after a shampoo I use NUELE on my long curly hair before I straighten it. It works perfectly to protect my hair from heat and keep moisture in with a perfect sheen.

Vanessa Rios
mother daughter

My hairstylist noticed a difference in the health of my hair. She was impressed by the softness. My natural hair is very thick with tight curls and NUELE helped fortify it.

Mercedes Mason