Answering Your FAQ

How should I use It?

Some hair products are formulated for specific hair types - but at NUELE, we are universal. While the wavy, curly, coily spectrum is our expertise, our serum is intensely moisturizing while being gentle on all kinds of hair.  All that changes is the amount we encourage you to use. But remember, NUELE is powerfully concentrated - so less is more.

The how to use doesn’t change, it’s as simple as these three steps:

Step one: Wash and towel dry hair

Step two: Beginning with 1 pump and working your way up based on our recommendations per style below.

Step Three: Work through hair, and style as you typically would. Touch up as needed throughout the day to keep hair moisturized and healthy.

How much should I use? 

Begin with 1 drop, and based on hair length, work your way up to the maximum recommended amount. If  hair is particularly dry, or long, you may want to add more. 

  • If using on damp, towel-dried hair, wait until hair is dry to exceed the 4 drops. We’ve found that damp hair can disguise powerful serums.

  • When using, start at the tips of hair and bring excess serum to the roots for a moisturized scalp.

For Natural Styles: 

  • Fine hair: 1-4 drops 

  • Wavy hair: 1-2 drops 

  • Curly hair: 2-8 drops 

  • Coily hair: 4-10 drops 

*Add more in 1 drop increments if their hair is particularly long or dry.

For Blowout & Flat Iron Styles:

  • Wavy hair: 1-2 drops 

  • Curly hair: 2-4 drops 

  • Coily hair: 3-6 drops 


How does it work on straight hair?

On straight hair, NUELE works the same way as it does on curls. The serum moisturizes and protects from heat and other elements. This also helps smooth tangles and prevent knots going forward for super manageable hair while also smoothing flyaways. It does not add volume to your hair but will protect when blowdrying, and offer a great manageable base for additional styling.

Is the hair serum hypoallergenic? 

Our product is made with only the highest quality of its 5 natural ingredients and we recommend that people ensure that they are not allergic to any one of them before use. 

Is it safe for colored hair? 

Our ingredients are all super moisturizing, and protect the hair so it’s great for damaged, dry or colored hair. 

Can I use this if my hair is in a protective style?

You can use NUELE if your hair is in a protective hairstyle, but note that you will probably need to massage it into your scalp, and may need more because it is going to wick onto the braids, wigs, or weave you may be wearing at the time.  

Note: It is recommended that when you have protective hairstyles, your hair is not pulled very tight at the scalp as this can lead to follicle weakness, hair breakage, and ultimately to Alopecia.

Can I use this on my weave/wig? 

Yes, you can use NUELE on your weave or wig. If you wash your wig, go ahead and wash it as usual, and then rub NUELE into the wig hair as prescribed on the bottle. Depending on the type of wig and its length, you may need to use more than is prescribed. Style the wig/weave as desired.

Where are the ingredients from?

We source our ingredients from African farmers and strive to lift the economies of all the lovely ladies we work with. However, we particularly focus on strengthening women owned businesses and primarily source from women farmers.

Is this cruelty free? 

NUELE is entirely cruelty free - no animal was harmed in the making of this badass one-stop-product for manageable hair! 

Can I use this on my child? 

NUELE hair serum is safe for use on all people - due to its entirely natural list of ingredients, this product can be used safely on children. However, some people are allergic to natural oils, so be sure that your child does not have a specific allergy to any of the ingredients that we use in our products. 

Is NUELE good for a hot oil treatment?

Yes, it is excellent as a hot oil treatment. You would need to use more so that you can ensure that a significant amount perfuses your hair shaft. Use about two or three times the amount you typically use if you are going to do a hot oil treatment. When done, rinse with luke warm water, and be sure to have a final cold rinse to snap your shaft back and retain moisture.

When during my morning regiment do I use NUELE? 

Use NUELE after washing your hair but prior to styling in whichever manner you choose. 

You can also use NUELE on your hair daily (in small amounts) to moisturize your tips or the whole hair shaft depending on how dry your hair gets. This is particularly important if you are in a somewhat dry environment that dehydrates hair. 

Can I use NUELE with other hair products?

Yes you can. Think of NUELE as the moisturizing base layer with multipurpose capabilities that can be complimentary. 

Does NUELE have a scent?

NUELE is made with natural oils and the scent only emanates from the ingredients. We do not add any fragrances to our products.
Can I use NUELE if my hair is badly damaged?  

Yes you can.  We would recommend that you do not use heat treated styles if your hair is damaged.  You can wash and condition your hair as normal and then use NUELE as your moisture serum. You may need to use it more frequently ( three or four times a week) along with your hair repair regimen.