How it all started

NUELE was created for you by women wanting desperately to have healthy, glowing, well nourished, manageable hair without using chemical relaxers or keratin treatments. Basically, we wanted to have it all; to be able to show the many sides of hair that we have been blessed with. Curls one day. Straight the next. We put our heads together with our chemistry and biology backgrounds and voila! NUELE was born. 

we also thought about the bigger purpose of the product. Our organic natural ingredients would have to come from somewhere.

“Who would pick the Argan seeds or turn Moringa and Clary Sage into the oils that enrich our product? Would our new industry create opportunity or would it disparage poor populations? We knew our product would have to lift up small economies in order for the entire business to succeed.”

Our answer came from places like Ghana and Morocco, where we found local female farmers already harvesting the ingredients that are necessary to make NUELE. By producing NUELE ingredients these female farmers are also boosting their local economies. Their children go to school and go to bed with full bellies. Even better, these women feel valued in their work as they extract the oils from the seeds and plants in their local areas. Now you can purchase a bottle of NUELE knowing that Women’s livelihoods are being positively impacted. 

Today we are excited to bring you NUELE. Not only does it support your desire to look good, but also creates opportunities for women around the world to have better, more fulfilling and enriched lives.