Wavy Hair

Everybody’s hair has unique needs and NUELE Hair Serum provides every hair type with unique advantages. So we created information that is unique to your hair type to make it easy for you to see what NUELE can do for you!

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Wavy Guide

Style Amount
Natural 1-3 drops
With Heat 1-2 drops

*Amount depends on hair texture and length

Meet Adaira!


I’d describe my hair as a kinky, kind-of-curly texture. Because of the combination, I’ve always had problems dealing with tangling and fly aways and I used to just hide them away in a bun because of how difficult they were. But using NUELE’s Hair Serum I’ve really been able to solve so many of my hair problems.

What I noticed immediately & over time

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Moisturized Natural Shine

I first noticed the softness of my hair - because of my curls, my hair has always been a pain when styling, but after just a couple of uses, my hair was so SOFT!

Curl Refresher

I’ve been using NUELE to refresh my curls and help them bounce into shape more easily. It tames my flyaways so it’s super easy to look good on days 2, 3 and 4!

Freedom To Go Straight, Wavy, and Curly

NUELE really shocked me, it really absorbs right into your hair shaft and moisturizes from the inside out while protecting your hair from the heat!

Hair Health and Manageability

Using NUELE regularly, I’ve truly noticed an improvement in the manageability of my hair - and because the oils are concentrated, they just sink straight into your hair!

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