Straight Hair Guide

Everybody’s hair has unique needs and NUELE Hair Serum provides every hair type with unique advantages. So we created information that is unique to your hair type to make it easy for you to see what NUELE can do for you!

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Wavy Guide

Style Amount
Natural 1-2 drops
With Heat 1-2 drops

*Amount depends on hair texture and length

Meet Savannah!


Hello friends! I have fine hair and so a lot of the time, my hair can feel flat - and the products I need to use can leave my hair stringy and leave me rocking the greasy look. But using NUELE’s Hair Serum, I’ve really found a way around it and I’m loving the result.

What I noticed immediately & over time

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Moisturized, Hydrated Hair

2nd day can often look like 5th day hair so I use a lot of dry shampoo but it dries out my hair! NUELE really helps me to revive my locks and bring back their...

Long Lasting Style

If I style my hair on Monday, I don’t want to restyle it on Tuesday. NUELE really surprised me by how well it helps retain my style and protect against the heat I used.

Protecting Color Treated Hair

It’s no secret that I’ve colored my hair, and so it’s even more important to protect my hair from the heat, but NUELE makes my hair look completely revitalized!

Shiny Hair & A Happy Bank Account

Fine hair is a blessing and a curse but using NUELE, I notice that the list of products I need is shrinking. I’m able to protect, nourish and revitalize with just one serum.

Watch Savannah Demo NUELE Hair Serum - Day 1 and Day 2

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