Everybody’s hair has unique needs and NUELE Hair Serum provides every hair type with unique advantages. So we created information that is unique to your hair type to make it easy for you to see what NUELE can do for you!

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Protected Guide

Style Amount
Hair & scalp 5-10 drops

*Amount depends on hair texture and length

Meet Ky!


I’ve had my hair in a protective style for a long time, and I love it. It’s really become a part of who I am. But having hair in this style can be tough because it can dry out pretty easily and frizz can be difficult to manage.

What I noticed immediately & over time

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Hydrated Hair

Locs that they can dry out quite easily and because of that, breakage can be a real problem. But NUELE’s ultra hydrating formula saved me, and my hair truly does absorb all it.

Protected from the Elements

With locs or braids, often quite large chunks of your scalp can be exposed to the elements, and you should absolutely be heat protecting from the sun. With NUELE, you can!

Long Lasting Moisture

When you moisturize at the root, and hydrate your hair follicles, you’re hydrating your hair from the inside out. This is why NUELE is able to penetrate your hair with its moisturizing properties.

Happier Hair

My flyaways are no longer flowing freely in the wind, and my hair is no longer at literal breaking point from the drying elements. The hydration has truly nourished and restored my locs!

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