Curly Hair Guide

Everybody’s hair has unique needs and NUELE Hair Serum provides every hair type with unique advantages. So we created information that is unique to your hair type to make it easy for you to see what NUELE can do for you!

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Curly Guide

Style Amount
Natural 2-8 drops
With Heat 2-6 drops

*Amount depends on hair texture and length

Meet Patty!


I’d describe my hair as a kinky, kind-of-curly texture. Because of the combination, I’ve always had problems dealing with tangling and fly aways and I used to just hide them away in a bun because of how difficult they were. But using NUELE’s Hair Serum I’ve really been able to solve so many of my hair problems.

What I noticed immediately & over time

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Moisturization and Natural Shine

My hair soaked up the moisture from the serum, it was pretty much immediate. My curls started to shine, and all of that frizz that I usually deal with was so much more manageable.

Detangled Curls

My curls TANGLE! And it causes damage, but using NUELE, the moisturizing oils really helped to soothe those tangles while protecting my curls from the damage.

Curl Control

My morning routine really needs to help me control (and define!) my curls. As a teacher, my mornings start early and I want those extra five minutes in bed - with NUELE, I got both!


Light and Non-Greasy

I love having options with my hair, and NUELE protects me from damage while rejuvenating my hair. Typically heat can be pretty draining, but that’s not at all the case with NUELE.

Hair Health

The moisture has really transformed my hair - my curls feel so much healthier! The dryness and frizz are just continuing to ease, and my hair listens to me now! It’s a game changer.

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