The Purpose of Hair Oils: What Can An Oil Do To Your Hair

The Purpose of Hair Oils: What Can An Oil Do To Your Hair

There are dozens of hair products in the market now – creams, and butters, and salves, and gels. It’s never ending and, frankly, it’s overwhelming.

But where does an oil fit into that equation – what can an oil do that your other 30 products can’t?

Well, Nuele is a powerful, all-natural hair oil that lets you have it all – without the cupboards full of sticky, half-empty bottles you’ve forgotten about. Not only can you achieve the look you want, but with one product.

Here’s what Nuele can do for your hair:

Keep Your Locks Moisturized

Here at Nuele, we’re all about moisturization. Our unique formulation enhances the moisture retention in your hair and scalp, with our essential oil blend gently nourishing deep within your hair follicles for light and shiny hair – without the grease.


Protect Your Locks

Hair oil helps with heat dispersion and reduces the direct temperature felt by the hair, and Nuele does it exceptionally well. For best results, we recommend that you use Nuele on towel-dried hair to lock in the extra moisture on the hair shaft and further protect your hair from dehydration.


Encourage Good Health

Everybody knows that what we feed our hair ends up feeding our body - so why fill your body with chemicals? 70% of haircare have been found to have toxins in them, which can cause all kinds of health issues. That’s why Nuele is truly all natural – an authentic way to keep yourself looking great while feeling great.


Let You Stay in Bed Longer

A hair oil can help that “apply, style, move on” lifestyle that you’re looking for, in fact that’s why Nuele’s ingredients are concentrated - for fast-acting goodness that needs only be applied once. Not only will you need to use less product, but it might just cut your morning routine down too.

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