Summer Madness: How to Use Nuele when a Quick Touch Up is Needed

Summer Madness: How to Use Nuele when a Quick Touch Up is Needed

Summer is officially here, folks. May our melanin be protected and glisten in the sun and our memories be plentiful! But crucially, what about our hair? Winter and Summer both are notoriously known for creating chaos for all hair types, but especially curly and kinky curls. Issues like frizziness from humidity, dryness and lack of luster play a huge part in bad hair days during vacation months and can put a damper on any cute outfit (personally speaking). We are all looking for ways to reduce styling time when its nice and warm out. Here are three ways you can use Nuele to style quick or to touch up your hair:

  1. Hydrate your Protective Styles

    Lots of women of color opt-in for protective styles in the winter and summer months because of the easy styling. With braids, twists, or a sewin-in you can effortlessly wake up and head out of the house with little else needing to be done. Protective styles are wonderful because like the name suggests, they protect your natural hair from breakage and dryness. You can use Nuele on your scalp and braids/twists/weaves in smaller amounts to give life to synthetic blends or hydration to human hair. A little goes along way with this powerful blend of oils.


  2. Use in your LOC/Wash and Go

    Wash and Go styling and the LOC method is another simple way to get your curls defined and hydrated quickly during the summer. During the winter, Wash and Go’s can be hit or miss because of how cold it is outside. It’s also can double as a refresher from the hot weather if you use cooler water or aloe to wet your curls in the process! First start by dampening your hair with water or aloe (liquid), secondly by using Nuele to lock in the moisture (oil), and lastly, a leave in conditioner or light styling cream to fixate your curl pattern and volume.

  3. Moisturize your scalp
    For many, dandruff becomes a real enemy when the weather warms up. Our bodies are working so hard to stay hydrated, cycling water to our vital organs and internal systems. It’s no surprise that hair and scalp would be a victim of this dryness also, with an upkick on activity in our day to day playing a factor. In addition to keeping your water intake up, you can use Nuele to moisturize your scalp. Just a drop or two should be enough to fully coat and seep into your scalp after a fresh shampoo or condition and scalp massage. It pentrates even deeper into the scalp if a shower cap or heat is applied. Consider doing so before bed so you can wake up, unwrap your scarf and start your day afterward with fully hydrated hair and no flakes.

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