How to Get Thicker Eyebrows, Fast

How to Get Thicker Eyebrows, Fast

Are you dealing with thin, or overplucked brows? We know the pain. That’s why we developed our brow serum.

​​Known for hair care, we took everything we’ve learned along the way and developed a serum designed to give you fuller brows while moisturizing the skin beneath and protecting your follicle. 

This, along with the list of entirely natural ingredients, means you can see growth and thicker brows in just weeks like one of our trial participants. Check out her before and after picture - with just five weeks between the two. 

Trial Participant - Before shot, with thin eyebrows   Trial Participant - After 5 weeks of use, with thicker eyebrows

Follow our tips for the ultimate results!

  • Use the serum every day, in the morning and night.
  • Apply the serum onto your brow while brushing the hairs downwards, before styling.
  • Remember to remove any and all makeup on the eyebrows gently to prevent irritating the follicle.

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