Four Signs of Hair Health with Nuele Usage

Four Signs of Hair Health with Nuele Usage

Nuele’s All in One Hair Serum is the jill of all trades. We love to talk so much about the five powerful ingredients because we truly stand by their capabilities alone, as well as together! Moisturizing, clarifying and hydrating, the ingredients act as the perfect cocktail for curls and protective styles alike.

In general, it can be difficult to tell when a hair product is actually working for you when you first start using it, and it may take a few weeks or months to see any differences: positive or negative! Here are some helpful signs to know when your hair health is improving with repeated Nuele use:



  • Reduced shedding and breakage.


With regular use of Nuele, customers have shared that their breakage and shedding issues reduced. Dry hair causes all sorts of problems including fairy knots, breakage, and shedding. Moisture retention is essential to growing healthy and longer hair. Nuele’s 5 ingredients work aggressively together to maintain moisture and cleanliness in the hair. Nuele boasts Rosemary and Clary Sage which both strengthen the hair from the scalp down the hair shaft.



  • Luster returns to dull hair


If you have a problem with sheen or liveliness in your hair, you’re sure to see the difference with repeated use of our product. Jojoba Oil shines as a key ingredient that helps supply the right amount of sheen and luster to natural hair, protective styles, etc. It is important to note that Nuele works best when it is not heavily applied. If your hair feels weighed down by the oils and greasy, you have used too much. A little goes a long way with these highly concentrated ingredients!



  • Your scalp and hair is moisturized, top to bottom.


Moisture is a constantly discussed topic within natural hair communities because it is vital to hair health. Some products sit right on top of the hair shaft or scalp, never going deeper or being fully absorbed and most likely leaving residue or buildup. By using Jojoba and Argan oil, Nuele chose thick and nutritious oils that penetrate the scalp and shaft deeply. Customers have said their hair feels softer, less brittle and that their curls look visibly more defined and full.



  • Customers have reported stimulation of hair growth.


While we do not claim in any way that our product is a growth oil, or directly responsible for growth in hair, customers have expressed satisfaction in replenishing bald spots and retaining length after repeated usage. Keeping your scalp and hair fed with nutrients it needs is just as important as feeding your body internally. When your hair is healthy it has the space to grow.

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