Dry Curly Hair? Try the Greenhouse Effect Method (GHE)

Dry Curly Hair? Try the Greenhouse Effect Method (GHE)

I am what you call a lazy natural. I embraced my natural hair close to 11 years ago and have had shoulder-length hair to the shortest of buzz-cuts, and every protective style and length in between. Looking at pictures of me from recent years I noticed that I had great hair growth, but retention always became my issue, particularly at shoulder length because of my dry curls. Any time I tried to figure out advice or a regimen that would help, I was overwhelmed by the choices. I have impatiently cut my hair several times over the years whenever my natural hair begins to take more time than I want to style or manage. I admittedly can become frustrated with my dry, curly hair and opt for a simpler style because of it. How do I know what actually works for me? Can it be simple? Do I have to dedicate an entire day to wash, condition and detangle again?

Through many attempts of finding something simple enough, I discovered the GreenHouse Effect hair method (also known as GHE on the internet). GHE is a method used to help retain moisture in dry hair by using a plastic cap to create a warm and moist atmosphere, like in a greenhouse. The heat and moisture on the scalp help stimulate sebum production (our hair’s natural oil) and helps penetrate each strand. Folks who have tried this method have reported softer, silkier and easier hair to detangle. It also helps detox and cleanse the scalp of any buildup.

Although it may sound complicated, the GHE hair method is quite simple to recreate and use in your routine. Many in the natural hair community have used this in replacement of deep conditioning their hair, while others think it makes their hair greasy. Because hair is so unique to us all I suggest giving it a try, but this method may work for you!

What you need:

  • Wide Tooth Comb or Brush

  • Spray Bottle w/ Water

  • Nuele Hair Serum

  • A natural cream like whipped shea butter (optional)

  • Plastic Shower Cap

  • Satin Cap, Scarf or Towel to keep plastic cap on


  1. First, dampen the hair with your spray bottle but do not saturate the hair fully. Your hair and head will create plenty of moisture soon! The water creates a damp, warm environment.

  2. Next, use your brush or wide tooth comb (or fingers if you have time and want low manipulation) to detangle and section off the hair. I find sectioning my hair in 4-6 parts regardless of my length helps the most.

  3. Next, massage Nuele into your hair. Nuele’s blend of oils is complex and hydrating - helping to clarify the scalp, moisturize the shaft and soften strands. If you want to stimulate blood flow in your scalp during this method, I suggest a scalp massage as well! Be mindful of how much oil is on your scalp, however, your natural sebum will be in high production overnight.

  4. Optionally, if you have extremely dry hair, massage a natural hair cream into the hair. Make sure your hair is not white or built up with product as it would create heavy and greasy hair. In this method a little bit of water, oil and cream goes along way.

  5. Once that’s done, place the plastic cap over the hair and head, ideally overnight for moisture retention. Some folks use a scarf, satin cap or bonnet in addition to keep the shower cap in place.

  6. Sleep and sweat! Using this method overnight helps sebum travel down curly strands and maintain moisture in the hair and scalp.

The amount of times you would complete the GHE method weekly or monthly is dependent on your hair and what it needs. Some folks do this once a month, while others use it nightly! As a natural, you are aware that some things you have to take a chance on. Consider Greenhouse Effect like a steam room for your hair - your body may not be able to handle hot temperatures or steam on a constant basis.

Some final tips:

  • Make sure to use all natural products in using this method. Nuele Hair is organic, responsibly sourced and has no fillers, making it the perfect oil to use.

  • Focus on your ends and massage them thoroughly with oil and cream to prevent breakage.

  • If your scalp is itchy from this method, try applying a little bit of coconut oil to promote antifungal properties.

  • Consider air drying your hair when you style in the morning. Your hair may still be very wet when doing the GHE.

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