Our Customers Love Nuele & You Will Too!



“My business started off with me doing hair for friends but once I started getting more inquiries from people who wanted their hairdone I decided it was time to start YOU EVOLVE HAIR. I can use Nuele on my own tresses or on the protective styles I sell on my website.”

-Patty Pepper, You Evolve Hair

Watch YouTube stars Christina and Stephanie, try out Nuele in this candid video.

-ButerflyAgape, YouTube

“I like Nuele because unlike using any other essential oil by itself, the combination in the bottle does a better job of retaining moisture, defining my curls and keeping my hair and scalp nourished for a longer time. Thick enough to penetrate my hair but doesn’t leave a greasy residue.”

-Nneka, Philadelphia

“I used your product this weekend, as a heat protectant for my blowout and a moisturizer for my twist out.  I really like the product!   It’s very light so it did not weigh my hair down. My hair is very soft and bouncy.  Overall a great product!”  

-Dominique Sade, AfrohemianSade.com

“I love love love this product. It has truly transformed my hair. I used to put those harsh relaxers in my hair, and as you all know, the relaxers do damage to the hair. Then I moved on to using the keratin treatments. And then I found Nuele. I am totally in love with this product. My hair is soft, shiny and feels amazing. With the keratin treatment I used to have to go to the salon to have my hair flat ironed because even with the treatment I needed help flat ironing it straight. With Nuele I do it all by my self. I wash my hair about once or twice a week. I use about 6 pumps of Nuele. ( With my hair growing so long I found that I needed more Nuele to accommodate the length). Then I blow it out and finish it off with the flat iron. Im blown away by the fact that I can do all this by my self. At night before bed I spread One pump of Nuele in my hair to keep it moisturized and I wake up to soft shiny hair. I LOVE IT!!!!!”

-Mpundu B. in Connecticut

“My teenage daughter has very long, very thick, hair. It’s so long that when I brush and straighten it, my arm starts hurting before I’m done. Now with NUELE it’s so easy. I love it.”

-Mary in Stanford, CT