Benefits of Rosemary Oil

How the oil contributes to softness & healthy hair

Rosemary essential oil has a wide variety of health benefits. It is known to boost mental activity, have effects on pain management and can be a catalyst for hair growth. It has very many health benefits for more than just the skin and hair with cosmetic uses that make it one of the world’s more coveted oils. Merely a few drops of Rosemary oil can have lasting effects and revitalizing results. The medical benefits of Rosemary are vast. It is known to help blood circulation in the body, relieving pain, digestive issues, respiratory issues, and mental fatigue. It even has topical benefits and can sooth skin burns. As a result, Rosemary is used in bath oils, creams and lotions. This is one of the reasons why you will find it in Nuele. As an ingredient in hair products it can be used to achieve healthy hair and is often put in shampoos as a hair cleaner.

There are three main reasons why Rosemary is such a good oil for the hair. Yes it is used to clean hair but when applied over the scalp the oil helps to stimulate hair growth and treat dry scalp.

Scientifically, what really makes Rosemary good for your hair is that it contains organic compounds that promote faster and healthier hair growth. Rosemary has many phytochemicals such as phenolic diterpenes, flavonoids phenolic acids and essential oils. It’s antioxidants are also stimulants known as carnosol, carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid. All this and it also works to condition your hair making it shiny and fresh.

A History of Rosemary

The history of Rosemary is a unique one. Rosemary, also known as Rosmarinus Officinalis, has been used since ancient times. For instance the name is Latin. The meaning of it’s roots mean “dew” and “sea,” and is derived from its natural home of North Africa and the Mediterranean sea. An ancient legend reveals that rosemary will always grow where one can hear the sea and has often been called “dew of the sea.” A vast field of this bluish flower can often remind the eye of a shimmering blue sea. As such Rosemary has many names including Sea Dew, Ros Maris, Rosmarine, Rosemarie, Incensier and Guardrobe.

This age-old oil goes back centuries as many civilizations have depended on it for it’s health qualities and even spiritual traditions. Some of it’s uses involved religious ceremonies and practices. For instance Rosemary oil was once used for the ritual baths of purification. Once considered a sacred herb it’s herbal water was believed to cleanse away maladies and enhance memories. Rituals involving Rosemary baths survive today as anecdotal touches that calm the senses and enhance meditation.There has been a bit of scientific evidence that suggest Rosemary can play a role in stimulating the memory centers of the brain. Some will use Rosemary before a test or as perfume on a significant date.

In the 16th century the health benefits of Rosemary became apparent to German-Swiss physicians and botanists. It’s medicinal factors make it a beneficial remedy for the entire body. It will help the heart, brain and liver along with the hair. Because the rosemary bush technically belongs to the mint family, it can be eaten and provides a soothing scent when extracted and made into an essential oil. It is also easily related to basil, lavender, myrtle and sage. Rosemary was not only used in religious ceremonies it was used for cosmetic care and ancient medicines. Because of it’s rich fragrance it is also identified as an incense.

Today it is most readily used in hair care and skin care. Rosemary has cleaning properties that make it perfect for shampoos and other hair cleaners. You can even apply it topically as a lotion. It is believed to slow down hair loss and stunt graying hairs. It is one more oil in the Nuele family that nourishes the scalp, keeping it free from dryness and the flakes that create dandruff.

How It’s Used in Nuele

Nuele uses Rosemary because it keeps hair clean and does away with residue left by other hair products. It is also an oil that helps the entire hair from the root to the end of the follicle. Mixed with the other ingredients Rosemary builds tolerance from weakness and erosion in hair. It creates healthy soft hair that continues to grow stronger and stronger after each Nuele application.