Benefits of Moringa Oil

How the oil contributes to softness & healthy hair

Moringa oil is a concentrated source of food energy. It is one of the most sought after oils in beauty care because it produces antioxidants that help create beautiful hair and skin. It’s rejuvenating powers come from the antioxidants that do wonders for wrinkles aging skin and dry brittle hair. Moringa is known to have medicinal attributes. It is rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. It can even be applied to small cuts, bruises and burns because it heals skin quickly with it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Moringa oil is one of the most prized oils in skincare and cosmetic use. It produces strong and healthy hair when applied frequently. It helps hair to retain moisture and strengths roots while nourishing the scalp. To take full advantage of Moringa oil simply apply a light amount to your palm and rub it into your hair. Your scalp and hair will soak in the very many vitamins the oil provides. This nourishment will make your hair strong and healthy. This oil is found in the most expensive hair and skin products. I is also used in fragrances which is why it is so coveted by the cosmetics industry. Synthetic oils have been created, but they are not filled with the same helpful minerals as in organic Moringa oil.


Moringa oil can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who believed it should be placed inside the tombs of the dead in vases. In many African languages Moringa oil is called “Nebedaye,” which when translated means “never die.” Egyptians particularly believed in the rejuvenation factors of Moringa. It has also been called The Miracle Tree.

Native to Northern India Moringa oil began to pick up interest in China, Southeast Asia and even the Philippines and the Mediterranean. While it’s oil is used everywhere, the tree itself can only grow in certain climates. Moringa trees need semiarid, tropical and subtropical climates to grow in. The dryer the area the better the tree will survive. It even benefits from sand and will grow where many other crops cannot survive. It was the Greeks who started using Moringa to protect and heal the skin. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that Jamaicans began using it in food and comparing it to Florence oil.

How it’s used in Nuele

Nuele uses natural organic Moringa oil in it’s formula for hair.  Before you buy other products take a look at the ingredients on the bottle. Make sure that synthetic versions of Moringa are not present otherwise you will not receive the full benefits of the oil. When Moringa is combined with the other Nuele oils the properties of each oil complement one another creating a product that is super food for your hair.