Benefits of Jojoba Oil

How the oil contributes to softness & healthy hair

Jojoba is a powerful oil used in Nuele and other hair products. It is highly coveted by hair stylists because of its intrinsic health qualities. Jojoba has many hair health benefits. It’s ability to add non-greasy moisture to the scalp and roots make it high on the list of perfect hair strengthening ingredients. As you apply it to the scalp it relieves dryness, eliminating dandruff and even slowing any hair loss.

As for the gunk that comes from chemicals in other hair products, Jojoba is a known hair conditioner and will remove the residue from your hair that other products usually leave behind. At the base, Jojoba moisturizes the hair from the follicle all the way up, allowing hair to grow strong and healthy over time.

In order to take advantage of the Jojoba health benefits you don’t have to use much. That’s the beauty of it. A little goes a long way. By adding 1-2 drops to your daily routine you can nourish your hair by giving a constant dose of the nutrients it needs. As a result this vitamin rich oil will produce a healthy shine to your hair.


Jojoba is an oil and was originally extracted from the seeds of its woody shrub by Native Americans in Arizona, Mexico and California. Jojoba had many uses to Native Americans and eventually the world. It was used as a health remedy to heal sores, treat acne and other wounds. Before Jojoba oil was discovered as a plant growing in semi-arid regions, it was mined from sperm whales. The precious oil was used in cosmetics and other various places. Once it was discovered that Jojoba could be found in plants, a ban was placed on harvesting the oil from the poaching of sperm whales.  

Since the 1970’s Jojoba has been a major component in cosmetics, hair treatments and skin care regimens. It is full of protein and amino-acids. It is unique with a rich yellow color that is highly absorbent. Jojoba contains a wealth of vitamin E and is rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and also contains regenerative properties.

How it’s used in Nuele

Jojoba is a key ingredient in Nuele. It’s lightness in weight and ability to moisturize hair makes it a natural fit for the cocktail of nutrients that Nuele offers. Some would even describe it as a liquid wax in the way that it coats the hair and is absorbed by the follicle in order to balance, clean and moisturize your hair from the roots to the tips.

The Jojoba in Nuele offers a protective layer that nourishes hair and defends it from dirt, grime and other gunk in the environment, keeping your hair full of moisture and glowing with a healthy shine.

The Jojoba oil in Nuele will never irritate your scalp. In fact when you apply Nuele directly to a dry flaky scalp it will enrich the skin and balance out your natural oils. With daily applications you can say goodbye to dandruff, irritation and even witness hair strength regenerating.