5 Natural Ingredients

You’ll see the difference with the first application. When your hair isn’t getting the nutrients it needs it can affect your scalp, causing it to become dry and to even flake. Active ingredients Clary Sage and Rosemary oil prevent dry scalp and keeps your hair from falling out. Nuele is full of exfoliants and disinfectants. Moringa oil is the best one and a powerful enfleurage, which means that it absorbs the aromas of other oils, making your hair not only look and feel healthy, but smell just as pleasing.


Jojoba Oil


Rosemary Oil

We all know that healthy living includes eating as many super foods as you can. Everything needs to eat, including our hair. Yet, too often we hear horror stories of women just like us experiencing baldness, receding hairlines, split ends and dry scalp. They should be applying super foods to their hair because like a bad diet, if we continue to feed our hair chemicals instead of natures natural goodness, it will only get weaker with time. Just like the ingredients on the back of a container of orange juice, we should be able to read the back of a product we are putting into our hair and easily spot those super foods. Whether it’s hair butter, gel or moisturizer, we should be able to identify what goes into our hair and where it comes from.