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How To Use Nuele


5 Steps On How To Use:

  1. Apply 2 to 10 pumps of Nuele to the palm of your hand. Massage into freshly washed hair. Comb or brush throughout. Style as desired.

  2. Amount needed depends on the thickness and length of your hair.

  3. May need less when applying heat for the straight look.

  4. If you are going for the straight look, blow your hair out and flat iron as needed.

  5. Apply Nuele to the hair 2 to 4 pumps daily if needed to keep your hair soft and moisturized until your next wash.

Suggested Uses

  • Blowout and flat iron your hair for a straight soft look

  • Moisturize and soften your natural curls to enhance and manage your natural curls

  • Moisturize and soften your wigs and extensions, keeping them looking fresh

  • Moisturize and soften your twist outs, bantu knot-outs and braids, keeping your scalp clean and free from itching

  • For men to keep your hair and beard moisturized, softened and manageable.


  • Argan oil

  • Moringa oil

  • Jojoba oil

  • Rosemary oil

  • Clary Sage oil

Hair Straightening

In order to achieve a straight look that gleams and is light, people tend to first blow dry their hair and then flat-iron it followed by the application of an oil or spray that provides a fine a polished look. We have found that this practice causes hair to dry, the hair tips split, and without expensive deep conditioning treatments, the hair loses luster and body.  A better practice is to wash your hair, apply Nuele after towel drying the hair, and then blow drying and/or using a flat iron. This enables the moisture that is still on the hair shaft to be locked into the shaft (maintaining the body of the hair), while Nuele also protects the hair shaft from getting dehydrated to the point where it is caused to split. Nuele helps with heat dispersion on the hair and reduces the direct impact of high temperature on your hair.