Benefits of Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Natural Oil to Boost Hair Growth

Clary sage is an essential oil. Because it is so good for your hair, it’s been known to help stop hair loss, preventing baldness. If hair loss is not something you struggle with you can still count on clary sage to make your hair stronger and shinier. It is one of nature’s most beneficial foods for your hair.

Clary sage is also good for dry scalps. As one of nature’s foods for healthy hair it will prevent dry flaky scalps from producing dandruff. Your hair will produce a silky shine. Simply have someone massage a few drops into your roots.

Clary oil is also an organic ingredient that mixes well with other oils. Consider mixing it with jojoba to double up on creating a healthy shine in your hair. Clary sage partners well with other oils including lemon oil and mandarin oil.


Clary sage has a sweet, nutty scent. It almost smells like an herb and is recognizable by its pale yellow coloring. To the senses it is light and does not have a very strong odor. Originally Clary sage is known to have come from Syria and migrated to central Europe. You can still find it in many areas growing in the wild. As an essential oil it was considered highly valuable and prized by leaders of all types. Eventually it was used in cosmetics and to create perfumes. Russia was the first country to add Clary sage to cosmetics and perfumes, creating a need for industries that supported the harvesting and exporting of the oil. Although Clary sage is used in inedible products, it is still very close to the sage we use in cooking and can be eaten as well. It is still considered an edible plant so in this way it has a dual usage.

How it’s used in Nuele

Clary sage is an important ingredient in Nuele hair products. It’s ability to supply the hair and scalp with nutrients is not something you can find in a lot of oils out there. It is a premium oil and as such it is precious and can be expensive. Often companies will try to use synthetic oils to compensate for the price of using organic natural ingredients like Nuele. Using synthetic ingredients produces an inferior product. This is why Nuele goes straight to the source. Working with farmers in Africa, Clary sage is harvested by hand and the oil is extracted. This hand harvested oil is blended in a unique formula with 4 other natural oils to make Nuele. For those who have curly unmanageable hair, clary sage can help detangle and strengthen the hair to the root. Use Nuele to strengthen your hair, create a healthy shine and to make your styling manageable.