The Long and Short of It: How to Use Hair Oils for Your Hair Length

The Long and Short of It: How to Use Hair Oils for Your Hair Length

We’ve all heard it – time and time again, hair products tell us the correct amount to use: a dollop the size of a pea or maybe a dime.

But this isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of fix.

Using too much – or too little – hair product can leave you with less-than-lustrous locks that miss the mark, and you deserve more than that.

So, don’t catch yourself weighing your hair down with product – follow these four simple tips for using hair oils like Nuele and you’ll have healthy, naturally beautiful hair in no time.

1.     Take it Slow

Don’t rush it, girl – take one to two pumps of oil and begin to work it through your hair from roots to tip. Too much product builds up oil in the hair – kind of the opposite look we were going for.

2.     Get to know your oil

Before you put the oil straight into your hair, feel it – get to know its weight and consistency. You know your hair better than anyone: is it fine, is it dry, is it course? The amount you use is going to depend on your hair type and the amount of moisture it can handle.

3.     Time it right

You’ve just hopped out of the shower and gotten a towel on your locks – it’s prime time to grab that bottle of Nuele and run through your hair. Using on damp hair locks the moisture in, hydrating the hair shaft and follicle without that greasy look we all know too well.

4.     Use it Often

Using an oil is only going to work wonders for you if you actually…use it. This isn’t a one-time thing, commit to your product and it’ll sweep you off of your feet. We recommend to apply Nuele to your hair daily, even in between washes to maintain that moisturized luster.

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