The Honest Truth About Natural Hair Care

The Honest Truth About Natural Hair Care

The way you look impacts the way you feel – we’ve all been there.

But on top of a downer in mood and a dip in confidence when you don’t feel beautiful, the products you use can also physically impact your body – and, most importantly, your health.

Do You Know What You’re Using?

The natural movement is taking off in a big way and there’s no shock as to why – doesn’t everybody want to feel in control of the products we put onto, and ultimately into, our bodies?

It’s a simple ask but, unfortunately, we live in a world where natural doesn’t always mean natural, and there’s almost always a fine print for you to strain your eyes and read.  That’s why it’s no surprise that many of us don’t actually know what’s in the ‘miracle’ creams and ‘must-have’ sprays that we slather all over our skin and hair day in and day out.

They’re natural though, right? Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but regardless of their claims, the vast majority of beauty products have chemicals in them. In fact, more than three out of every four haircare products tested in a pretty hefty study were found to have dangerous chemical compositions, and more than 70% of hair products for women of color have toxins in them that could damage your health and cause hormonal imbalances – it isn’t worth it.

Break The Status Quo

That’s why it’s time to tattletale on haircare’s dirty little secret. Look at the ingredients listed, and if you don’t understand one of the listed elements, or hell – if you can’t pronounce it, put that bottle back down on the shelf and walk away.

Nuele is breaking the mold with a recipe made up of five concentrated essential oils – and that’s it. Designed as an all-in-one truly all-natural hair serum that manages and heals hair while keeping your scalp free of unnecessary chemicals, the five (go ahead and count ‘em) concentrated oils used are:

·       Jojoba Oil – to protect and enrich hair, balance out natural oils and defend from dirty, grime and environmental gunk to keep your hair light, full of moisture and shining.

·       Moringa Oil – to encourage healthy hair growth with its high contents of vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins and silica.

·       Clary Sage – to supply your hair and scalp with unique nutrients not found in many oils, while detangling and strengthening your hair from the root.

·       Argan Oil – to hold in natural moisture and sooth your scalp with deep oil penetration.

·       Rosemary Oil – to build tolerance and protect hair from weakness and erosion, and pushing hair product residue from the hair.

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