Girl with curly red hair smiles and looks off into the distance, as the image for a blog post on preventing hair flyaways

How to Stop Hair Flyaways

Your hair can make or break an outfit, and hair flyaways can be that difference. Whether you're going for a slick style or letting those curls run free - flyaways and frizz matter. 

But lucky we have a few tips to help you eradicate them from your life. 

Smooth flyaways 

Using a new, unused toothbrush - grab your favorite NUELE hair serum and use a drop or two on the brush. After styling your hair, gently slick down the flyaways with your brush, and rock that style.

Encourage growth with a healthy scalp

Flyaways ultimately are broken strands of hair or new growth that's not learned the rules of the roost just yet. Encourage the growth of your hair and speed through this phase with a properly protected and nourished scalp. Use a hydrating serum, a mask 1-4 times a week, and ensure you always have heat protectant on your hair out in the elements. 

Hair flyaways don't need to ruin your look - they're actually really easy to fix when you have the inside info! Try these two tips and enjoy free shipping on your first order from NUELE with code FIRST - you'll be saying goodbye to your flyaways in no time.

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