How to Create a Lifestyle of Balance

How to Create a Lifestyle of Balance

I am sure you have seen the news and the state of the world lately. Regardless of your beliefs or personal insights about our current reality, things are increasingly stressful and overwhelming for all of us. Studies have recently shown that our societies are gradually becoming more anxious and emotionally distressed overall. When things get more difficult in work, life and beyond, it is important to hold onto what is positive and what creates more stability and balance. 


Wellness culture can be extremely cheesy at times (think of affirmations in the mirror and how much you felt goofy the first time you tried it) or even unappealing in some senses (facing issues can be uncomfortable), but the root of it all is to increase health and wellness to those who participate. It can seem unattainable especially if you are looking at things from the perspective of your problems, but with small changes each day you can improve. Here are 4 simple ways you can create a lifestyle of balance and well-being: 


  1. Spend More Time Outside

I am a native New Yorker, and live up to stereotypes of being fast-paced and more comfortable in urban city environments. The hustle and bustle of life is incredibly stimulating, but also unnatural to our genetic history. Concrete is everywhere but not naturally occuring, and indoor environments are cozy but not the same. Studies have shown that we spend more time inside now because of technology and the internet. Unbeknownst to most people, staying inside is not always the best for physical or mental health. Mentally, you can begin to feel trapped or robotic - and physically you can begin to lose vitamin D and even manifest fatigue or pain symptoms. Regardless to how much we evolve, we are still mammals who are attached to nature. Try disrupting this pattern by spending a little time outside in your schedule. After a long day’s work, take a walk. Ride your bike to the grocery store or the gym instead of driving. Take your lunch break by the water. Spend 20 minutes more with your dog at the park. Fresh air, sunlight and nature are earth’s natural medicine for many reasons, including being used just for appreciation.


2. Eat more whole foods and drink more water.

Diet has become a dirty word to many because of the restrictive implications it has. Society and media has especially made it apparent by its constant promotion of what the ideal body or eating habits are like. There’s so many opinions in relation to food that it can be overwhelming to make healthier choices. Many health professionals have noticed this and began to suggest approaching dietary changes as lifestyle changes to alleviate mental pressure and stress when you stumble. This means things like trying to eat more unprocessed, whole foods in your diet each day. That can include adding a piece of fruit, or overhauling your entire meal plan. It is okay to indulge in a treat and there’s no use to feeling bad about wanting a delicious thing! Everything in moderation. Make sure to also drink at least a gallon of water a day. If a gallon is overwhelming, start with adding a glass a day to your current water intake. It can be incredibly difficult when you are starting to drink more water, but after weeks of consistency your body craves it in a more apparent way to keep up.

3. Engage in physical activities that you don’t dread.

The old addage no pain no gain is correct, but to an extent. Often people hear that and translate their actions to severe punishment, pushing themselves past normal discomfort but pain during working out. It is important to push yourself past your limits, but gradually and in increments. In addition to going easier on your body, you don’t have to punish yourself activities you don’t like for the sake of ‘suffering through to success’. If you hate lifting weights and enjoy yoga better, do yoga and cancel your gym membership. If you dislike cardio, you can find many other ways to stay active and dynamic. Remember that you should be enjoying yourself although you may be doing something more physical. There are plenty of activities that get you moving that don’t require you begging for mercy!

4. Use more organic products for your body (like Nuele).

Living a lifestyle of balance and wellness can be as easy as switching the products you use in your home, on your body and in your fridge. When you use quality products and ingredients on and in your body, it gets translated to resources that help improve your quality of life. Eating real strawberries instead of artificial strawberry will give you more energy. Using non-hormonal chicken in your dinner vs. eating fast food will make you feel worlds better digestively. Same for beauty products: using a serum like Nuele will change the health of your hair in comparison to something that has more chemicals and less pure ingredients. Making the simple switch can lead to healthier, moisturized hair which will save you money, stress and repairs in the long run.

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