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Hair Typing: The Importance and Differences between Textures

Whether you are just starting out as a natural or someone with experience, there’s so much information to take in. As discussed in previous blogs, some of these things are actually necessary - while others are just matters of opinion. Hair typing is a subject that fits somewhere in between. Hair typing is essentially a classification system of the various and diverse hair types we have as people across humanity’s spectrum. While it starts from 1A and ends at 4C, it is important to note that this chart is not hierarchical, and that all hair types are beautiful and unique! This is not a good vs. bad binary.

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Meet The Founder: An Interview on Science with Dr. Martey-Ochola

Nuele prides itself on being responsibly sourced and organic, but what does that really mean? We receive product messaging from everywhere about certain ingredients being bad for you but still consistently see companies using them. What can we do to spot the difference? Where is the accurate and scientific information?

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