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The Great Debate: L.C.O vs. L.O.C. Method

If you are a new natural, a seasoned veteran or someone who still relaxes their hair, one thing is true for us all: moisture is essential for hair health! There are A LOT of techniques out there for moisturizing your hair, but there are few that stand out above the rest.  These two stand out in particular because of their results and their simple directions. What are they? What truly is the difference, and out of the two, is one method superior to the other?

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Dry Curly Hair? Try the Greenhouse Effect Method (GHE) w/ Nuele

I am what you call a lazy natural. I embraced my natural hair close to 11 years ago and have had shoulder-length hair to the shortest of buzz-cuts, and every protective style and length in between. Looking at pictures of me from recent years I noticed that I had great hair growth, but retention always became my issue, particularly at shoulder length because of my dry curls. Any time I tried to figure out advice or a regimen that would help, I was overwhelmed by the choices. I have impatiently cut my hair several times over the years whenever my natural hair begins to take more time than I want to style or manage.

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