BEARDS: Making Your Face More Handsome


Beards have long signaled the apex of manliness.  Most often associated with bear-rasslin’ mountain men and strapping lumberjacks, facial hair has only relatively recently risen in status to that of well-accepted fashion trend.  The days of vacation-only beards are over. No longer just adorning the chins of professional flannel-wearers, a sharply-dressed man can now pull off a well-groomed beard in most offices.  

Keep in mind, I did say “well-groomed.”

Many men think of having a beard as testosterone-fuelled follicle prowess - a simple matter of having the time and desire to let your chin skin do its thing.  Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth; you can’t just decide to stop shaving and suddenly have a luxurious, handsome beard adorning your face. Without proper care and maintenance, your face pelt can be described using several very unsavory adjectives: scraggly, messy, ratty, some of the worst cases, even smelly.

Even if you can get someone to kiss you looking (and feeling) like you’ve got a Brillo pad strapped to your chin, a poorly-kept beard risks giving the kiss-ee beard burn or ‘stache rash...what a punishment for someone who probably wants nothing more than to run their fingers through your luxurious chin locks!

It’s not just about letting the hair on your face grow - it’s taking care of that hair to make sure it looks good, feels good, and remains healthy.

Sure, it would be great if you could make your way to your barber to have your beard professionally maintained on the reg.  Sadly, few have the time, money, or inclination to make it to the shop as often as would be needed. Don’t worry! Beard care is simple, and there are several things you can do to keep your beard lustrous, soft, and touchable.

Here are some easy things to keep in mind as you try to maintain your beard at home:

  • When you’re in the shower, wash your beard.  Not just with water, but really get in there with shampoo and conditioner (the stuff you use on your hair is just fine).  Give it a good, thorough scrub, then a good, thorough rinse. You don’t want sudsy residue on your face.

  • Next, moisturize your beard.  Keep in mind that grey hair gets a little drier so pay a little extra attention when you start to cross over.  You want to keep the texture of your hair supal - a product like Nuele is perfect for this.  Not only does Nuele soak into your beard, from root to tip, giving it suppleness and luster, but moisturizing your chin skin will soothe that sensitive skin, cutting down on the inevitable itch that especially new beards cause.

  • Trim your beard regularly.  Once you decide the general shape and lines of your beard, do a little work every day to make sure those lines are maintained.  Trim to eliminate stragglers, and shave down to maintain the lines on your cheeks and neck. You may not think a little neck stubble is a deal-breaker, but I assure you that many a lover and coworker alike find it repulsive!  

So not matter how long (timewise or lengthwise) you’re planning on growing your beard, do yourself a favor by taking care of it.  Anyone who’s going to look at you will thank you for it!