Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan Oil Moisturizes Your Hair

Argan oil is one of Nuele’s six organic natural ingredients you can pronounce. It is harvested in African countries like Morocco and Ghana where it is hand extracted by local female farmers.  The external benefits of argan oil make it one of the most coveted moisturizing ingredients in the world. Rich in vitamin E this non-greasy oil conditions and moisturizes hair to make it healthy and shiny. Using argan will help you manage frizz, creates glossy healthy shines  and eliminate split ends.

Soft Manageable Hair

Keeping hair soft is as easy as learning the many ways to use argan oil on your hair and yes, even your scalp. For starts you can use argan oil as frequently as every day, or several times a day, depending on how brittle or damaged your hair is. Argan oil is known to reverse the damaged conditions of chemically treated hair, taking it from dry to soft. You can use it as a leave in conditioner without making your hair stringy with the residue of grease.

Argan oil has been around for centuries.

The Argan tree is found all over North Africa. The tree produces nuts that are then harvested for the precious oil inside. The oil, which was known to have countless healing benefits, has been around since before 12 BC. While at one point the tree did grow all over, today it can only be found in parts of Morocco near the Atlas Mountains. Due to deforestation and animal grazing it is no longer easy to find in the wild. The Argan tree is also called Argania Spinosa and is considered to be one of the oldest surviving specimens dating back to the Tertiary Period.

Today Argan is used to make hair soft and strong. It’s ability to hold in moisture and vitamins necessary for healthy hair is rare and covetable. Mixed with Nuele’s other organic ingredients, it thrives as an oil that penetrates the follicles bringing health and wellness to dry flaky scalps.